OrAngeLove (2007)


Questions of what Love is has been troubling human kind since the first human appeared. We give scientific and religious explanations, we write essays (Percy Bysshe Shelley), songs, movies and novels (UNCOUNTABLE), we time it and give it different names. We struggle to put it under the standard and definition. “And what do [we] know about love” at the end? I feel your brain boiling, let’s look at it simpler: What color is your love: is it blue, pink, red, black or maybe orange? 😉

LISTEN TO IT WHILE YOU READ: Бумбокс – Квіти у волоссі

The tone of the picture of the movie is warm, full of orange shades (autumn, ginger hair, light, skin, sauce, fish etc.) contrasting with the grey ones: contrast in situations, dreams vs. reality, life vs. death, creativity vs. dullness, joy vs. disappointment.

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Yaroslav Pilunskiy (Ярослав Пилунский) has performed a brilliant cinematic job! The chaotic camera movements demonstrate the chaos of situations or the state of mind: Roman (Aleksey Chadov\ Алексей Чадов) runs (from himself?). Do you believe that our life is a race and it is just a matter of time when you rich your finish? But do you have the right then to stop when YOU want? Those questions fly in the air through the camera lenses but alas they stay without answer, fueled by the reversible non-linear development of the plot. It imitates a human eye through the concentration on the moments and the details, because when we exist in this short second we forget the world outside and we sink in it. It is also symbolic because Roman is a photographer, so this also (literally) imitates his camera sight:

  • hair, eyes, hands = feelings when one is in love, because nothing else matters;
  • cello, key turning, lamp, coffee brewing and boiling out = tension, expectation, suspense and anticipation (all of them are synonyms to each other).

The technique of inverted frame is used to confuse the viewer but also to push one to think outside the box, as well as to wear both characters’ shoes, foreshadowing the inversion of the final ‘situation’.

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Other symbols are the bare feet as a thirst for freedom; leaves of autumn: ending of the year as well as ending of relationships; broken photo camera (in Roman’s case) = broken hopes; sand as the consequence of aging, waiting, emptiness and time; running = life race; Roman puts out his cigarette on the note “make me happy”, making the whole = mental wound; Katya always puts hair together when she plays cello as a routine or the desire to control something; lumpy sea = analogy to him and revolution; and the color orange itself etc.

Orange Love\ Помаранчеве Кохання\ Оранжевая любовь was script-written by Alan Badoyev (Алан Бадоев) and Olga Krzhichevskaya (Ольга Кржичевская). The film includes only 8 actors. Interestingly, both languages are used in it: russian (Roman) and ukrainian (Katya (Olga Makeyeva\ Ольга Макеева), Player (Aleksey Vertinsky\ Алексей Вертинский)). The characters do not find it difficult to understand each other, which is, in my opinion, a perfect reflection of language picture in Ukraine, especially in Kiev. Additionally, English is also present in it. The action takes place in Kiev and in one apartment = the closed suffocating space.

Are you ready to play a game or why you cannot just live calmly?

1. no connection with the outside world (letters are the only connection).

2. two of you live alone: means you do not need anything else.

3. do not go out from the apartment.

Reward: apartment itself and money. But was it really? Should not have it be love or life? The whole existence is a game with no winners or losers.

shot 7

How far are you ready to go? It happens in the time of the orange revolution, which tempts him to break the rules and go out for 10 mins to take photos: does this mean that he needs something else\ more? His statement pretty much describes the position of any average ukrainian “I’m a free man, I got used to it and I cannot live differently”. It also speaks for his artist’s ‘sickness’ and thirst for the ‘sick’ details for the front page photo: “People are interested in what they can not see .. for example, war …”; “if you want the viewer to be sad – you need to cry over the photo”, “so people would believe [it]”. He has “no” fear and he “hopes to open [his] doors” – what symbolically we see through shots of doors constantly closing and opening; at some point he begs the Player to open [his] door and help to restart the game.

The music figuration made by Zeljko Marasovich (Желько Марасович), such as piano instrumental music, a lot of silence or, for example, annoying sound of rain in apartment reflects the mood of the characters and the atmosphere. The final song strengthens and finalize the picture: “It’s unbelievable!”.

LISTEN TO IT WHILE YOU READ: Бумбокс – “Happy end”

Do you belive in angels’ scheme?

First time they met at a hospital, taking tests. Shot-foreshadowing: a condom opened. Katya receives results that she has AIDS.

Do you believe in second chances or how far are you ready to [run]?

Game №2: “if [Player] wins – [Roman] must live.” Cut-cut-done. He gets it to be with her. Now they are the one, “the same”, “[their] angels sit in front of each other”.

shot 8

“Miracles do not exist” or Do you belive in coincidences and destiny mistakes? Everyone makes mistakes, but how big, significant or forgivable they can be, is it always in our power to change them? Lamp explodes = Katya receives the letter that the results were mistaken.



Do you believe in second chances, do you?


She left.

“, I just continue to live.”

Is it in our power to judge what kind of love is right or wrong? Judge – no; but to decide [for ourselves] – unconditionally yes.


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